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#F1 - Formula Future - #HumanIgnition Episode 4

#F1 – Formula Future – #HumanIgnition Episode 4



This is the fourth and final episode of Human Ignition.  A series of videos developed and produced by Team Lotus F1 and sponsors Burn energy drink, with the collaboration of many key individuals. The series invokes thought into what the future of Formula One might look like in years to come. The sport, without doubt is one of the most innovative global Motorsports series.  It’s direction…

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#F1 Brilliant Bribes, Crashes and Smiles

#F1 Brilliant Bribes, Crashes and Smiles

As requested and promised, here is the Belgian Grand Prix race review in verse.  Enjoy

It’s been a little while since I’ve penned an F1 rhyme

I’ve been working on projects; I simply haven’t had the time

Excuses aside now let’s get cheeky some

And walk to the beat of this rhyming F1 drum

During the break (which felt like forever),

Ecclestone and his lawyers got quite ballsy and rather clever


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Belgian Waffles - F1 Style

Belgian Waffles – F1 Style

I’ve been told that for an F1 Poet, I haven’t been writing much F1 Poetry.. It’s true, I’ve been fortunate enough to have such great access to so many interesting Formula One related people that I’ve been busy interviewing and forging new relationships. As a result, my analytical side has recently taken over my creative side and the result has been a lack of poetry.

Some readers may know that…

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Not just another day at the Spa…Belgium GP thoughts

Not just another day at the Spa…Belgium GP thoughts

Quick thoughts on today’s Belgian Grand Prix before I hit the road and leave my keyboard behind for a day or two.

Spa-Francorchamps is one of my all time favourite F1 venues. It would be the perfect “Welcome back” from the summer break for Formula One and its fans. The Belgian GP normally provides an exciting race so why should the 2014 edition be any different?

Drama and excitement was present…

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F1 - British GP - Battles and Bitches

F1 – British GP – Battles and Bitches

British GP recap – a very alternative view: British GP 2014 Podium - courtesy Octane Photographics Ltd.

British GP 2014 Podium – courtesy Octane Photographics Ltd.

Well the British Grand Prix is dusted in done

And so too is round number nine of F1’s title run

An interesting race full of thrills and spills

And moments in which spines felt uncomfortable chills

It began in lap one when Kimi ran wide

He rejoined in a fury with a spin and a slide

Massa did…

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Feeling the Burn in the Lotus Garage

Feeling the Burn in the Lotus Garage


In the Lotus Garage for Friday Practice

Lotus F1 Sponsor Burn Energy Drink, part of the Coca Cola family extended an invitation to me to experience Free Practice us account manager. While she briefed me on the rules and handed me my headset, we chatted about her role and what she does on a typical GP weekend. Fascinating stuff.

Being able to listen in with my headset to conversations between…

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A look back at the crazy events of the Monaco GP of 96

There is one Grand Prix, to which one must go
Without question or doubt, it’s Monaco

Where commitments are final and often misgiving
It’s tight and twisty and unforgiving

I take a look back, in my rear-view mirror
To 1996, here this couldn’t be clearer

A race of attrition, with no immunity
But for a small few, t’was pure opportunity

Join me now, for a quick recap
Of an epic race, lap after lap


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In Memory of a Legend - #SENNA

In Memory of a Legend – #SENNA


This first day of May, we are reminded of that sad and dreadful day, when the legend passed away. The silence was deafening in our state of dismay, it’s been 20 years for which for him the champagne would no longer spray.

He was not just a driver but so much more, the fiercest competitor to his very core refusing to lift off the throttle which was constantly pinned to the cockpit floor.…

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